Travel Pic of the Day: Name That Building

ISO 250, f/7.1, exposure 1/60 sec, time 3:15pm

ISO 250, f/7.1, exposure 1/60 sec, time 3:15pm

So, let’s try something different today. Kudos and big thumbs up to the first person to correctly identify this historic building. While the graffiti doesn’t help the look, this unassuming building played a HUGE roll in history and may have even affected your life. Name the building.

Walking Around Ybor City

Like many major metropolitan areas, the historic Ybor City section of Tampa is pretty quiet in the early morning. You will find a few people arriving for work at one of the local handmade cigar factories, restaurant workers setting up for the day or those still cleaning up from the night before. It’s a great time to walk around the streets and check out some of the colorful sights of this Cuban-influenced area.

Capturing Architectural Details

Architectural Detail

Architectural DetailCapturing a specific architectural detail or element can often say more about a location than a wide, all-encompassing shot. This image from the Library of Congress in Washington, D.C., for example. This section of a staircase is located in a massive open area that covers two floors. Rather than try to photograph the entire area, I selected an interesting element and angled my shot to include some detail of the upper floor ceiling tile work. The result is an image that highlights some of the unique architectural elements in this cool building.