Travel Pic of The Day; A Black & White Memory

ISO-160, f/4.5, Exposure 1/320 sec, Time: 9:37 am

ISO-160, f/4.5, Exposure 1/320 sec, Time: 9:37 am

Travel pictures don’t always have to be in full color. Sometimes black & white images can help convey an emotion or atmosphere for a particular image.

This image was converted from color to b&w in Photoshop.


Travel Pic of The Day; Food

Travel pictures of churches, bridges and landscapes are great, but don’t forget to snap a few images of the local cuisine too. Food can tell a lot about the local culture and people. I try to shoot meals before I eat and also check out the local markets and shops. You never know what you’ll run into.

Travel Pic of The Day

St. Pete PierThis image was taken while on location to shoot a concert in Vinoy Park, which is directly across the water from the St. Pete Pier. As I waited for the show to begin, I noticed how colorful and bright the pier looked in the late-day sun.

Tech Specs: ISO-800, f/9, exposure setting: 1/250 sec, time of day – 6:14 pm

Beyond The Pretty Buildings and Snow-Covered Mountains

Gypsy beggar in Florence, Italy

Travel pictures don’t always have to feature buildings, churches, mountains or happy people enjoying themselves. Nor do they always have to show the pretty, clean or happy side of a particular location or subject. Images brought home from a vacation should also say something about the location; they should tell a story or convey a feeling.

Gypsy beggars are a common sight throughout Europe, showing up at nearly every major tourist destination. While you might not consider photographing them because they aren’t a very nice sight, they do say something about the culture and people.

Gypsy beggar in Florence, Italy

ISO-800, Exposure 1/320 sec., f/9

This image was shot in Florence, Italy, just outside the Basilica di Santa Maria del Fiore. It shows a well-dressed woman focusing on her cell phone, while a gypsy woman extends her cup for a handout. Although they may not be far apart in age, this image shows how far apart they are when it comes to their place in society.

Gypsy beggar in Venice

ISO-400, Exposure 1/125 sec., F5.3


Another gypsy shot, I captured this image in front of the Basilica di Santa Maria Gloriosa dei Frari in Venice, Italy. As you can probably tell, I shot this picture from a distance so that I could get a candid image.



Occupy London

ISO-400, Exposure 1/800 sec., f/3.5

On a visit to St. Paul’s Cathedral in London, I was surprised to find the area around the cathedral filled with tents and protest signs. The Occupy London movement had set up camp on the grounds because the area around the London Stock Exchange, just around the corner, had been fenced off. Although I was really there to photograph the cathedral, I couldn’t help but be draw to the revolution-charged atmosphere and shoot a few frames. Again, not your typical vacation picture, but it does make for a good story about what was happening in London during my visit.

Try looking beyond the typical tourist sights while on vacation and you might find some really interesting pictures.