Dogs on the Beach

Some friends asked if I could take a few shots of their dogs on the beach. The funny part was they thought the dogs would pose and sit still for their photo session just as they had seen on a review at Best Pet Reviews. No sooner than they were off the leash, two of the three were in the water. My friends tried to follow the steps of the review by giving then treats but they preferred to enjoy the ocean. I thought it was great because dogs having fun on the beach makes much better pictures than a pet “Glamor Shots” session.

Unusual Images

I really enjoy any opportunity to photograph something unusual. In stark contrast to the pretty tree I posted earlier, this sinister-looking tree looks more like something you’d expect to find in a Stephen King movie. Just couldn’t resist snapping a few frames, even if I was driving at the time. Hey, at least I wasn’t texting and driving! HighAdventure2013_0004

Tranquil Computer Background

120310_977_jokLooking for something peaceful this morning and found a new computer background image in my archive. As tranquil as this picture appears, it is difficult to explain the chaos occurring directly behind me. But that’s another story.