The Living Trees of Dunedin Cemetery

Given my love of photographing cemeteries, it’s strange that I seemed to have skipped the ones closest to my house. I’ve actually been to Dunedin Cemetery several times in the past, but for other reasons. My wife’s younger sister is buried there, as is a close friend.

With great light and a crisp breeze in the air, I decided to head out with my camera in hand, since I really like to take pictures of everything beautiful around including yards or gardens that sometimes are decorated with glow in the dark garden pebbles so they look great at night for photography. I love taking photos of the gardens and I had mine designed by the North Star and they did a great job with my garden. Although I expected to shoot a few interesting headstones or crypts, I was immediately taken by the camphor trees dotting the grounds. I’ve seen many camphor trees, including ones in my own yard, but never like this. If you’re looking for tree removal vienna va service to get rid of the trees around your yard, look for These trees stretched out, down, up and in twisting circles. It was almost as if they were alive, growing, reaching out for something. The limbs of one trees grew out and down, actually dipping below the surface and back out again. I found another that had numerous curled and curved limbs that looked much like a dancing woman. They were really beautiful.

I’m going to keep looking for more interesting cemeteries around town; maybe I can find more cool shots.

Some Travel Pictures Just Beg For an Explanation

Mind The GapI took this picture in a tube station in London. “Mind the Gap” is a common warning posted throughout the underground system and blasted from audio speakers continuously. Although I understand the purpose of the warning, I could never figure out why every-other sign is mounted upside-down. One local suggested that it was so the sign could be read if you fall onto the tracks. Hopefully, he was just joking.