Dogs on the Beach

Some friends asked if I could take a few shots of their dogs on the beach. The funny part was they thought the dogs would pose and sit still for their photo session just as they had seen on a review at Best Pet Reviews. No sooner than they were off the leash, two of the three were in the water. My friends tried to follow the steps of the review by giving then treats but they preferred to enjoy the ocean. I thought it was great because dogs having fun on the beach makes much better pictures than a pet “Glamor Shots” session. Let us know if you like them, (and share your own!) at Foodlets.

Finding a Bit of Nature in a Busy Metropolitan Area

Even in busy metropolitan areas you can often find a little bit of nature tucked away, out of sight. These shots where taken outside of Ruth Eckerd Hall in Clearwater, Florida. Although I’ve been there many times, I didn’t notice the cool pond beyond the parking area until today. Given the 10-foot alligator sunning himself a few feet from my car, maybe I should start paying more attention.

Travel Pic of The Day

Butterfly at Tennessee AquariumThis image was taken at the Tennessee Aquarium in Chattanooga. It is a cropped selection taken from an original image that was 3264 X 2448 pixels.

Tech Specs: ISO-50, f/4.5, exposure setting 1/140 sec.

Bumping the ISO up to 200 and getting closer to the subject would have improved the quality of this image.

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