Looking For a Different View

04102011_136_jokAs I mention in my travel photography classes, composition is a big part of great images. I always suggest looking for a different vantage point or angle. Rather than photographing a building straight on, shoot from a corner or close up. In the case of this image showing the¬†inter-coastal¬†waterway between Clearwater and Clearwater Beach, Florida, I chose to move to a higher location. This “bird’s eye” view shows lots of details and features that would not appear in images shot from ground level, such as the spoil banks in the upper left, created when the inter-coastal was dredged to make it deeper. You also get a great sense of motion produced by the wakes left by the boat traffic. Consider asking for a hotel room on an upper floor and checking out the view from your balcony.

Tech specs: ISO-200, exposure time: 1/400 sec, aperture: f/11, time of day: 3:33 pm

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