Travel Photography Safety Tips; Don’t Be a Victim

Its an unfortunate fact that you have to be wary of crime while you’re trying to enjoy your vacation. Pickpockets, purse-snatchers and thieves prey on tourists more focused on seeing the sights than keeping an eye on their valuables. With a little pre-planning and thought, you can enjoy your trip, … Continue reading

Some Travel Pictures Just Beg For an Explanation

I took this picture in a tube station in London. “Mind the Gap” is a common warning posted throughout the underground system and blasted from audio speakers continuously. Although I understand the purpose of the warning, I could never figure out why every-other sign is mounted upside-down. One local suggested … Continue reading

New Class Promotion on Living Social

Be sure to check out my limited time offer currently on Living Social. It’s a great deal on my walking tours and even offers an opportunity to get yours for free. Jeff O’Kelley Photography on Living Social Classes are offered in Dunedin, Clearwater Beach, St. Pete Pier area and Ybor … Continue reading