Travel Pic of The Day; A Black & White Memory

ISO-160, f/4.5, Exposure 1/320 sec, Time: 9:37 am

ISO-160, f/4.5, Exposure 1/320 sec, Time: 9:37 am

Travel pictures don’t always have to be in full color. Sometimes black & white images can help convey an emotion or atmosphere for a particular image.

This image was converted from color to b&w in Photoshop.


Converting Color Images to B&W

comparisonOne of my favorite features of digital photography is flexibility. With a good digital image and editing software, you can alter, manipulate and morph it into a nearly endless array of looks.

Converting color images to B&W is one of the most common techniques used, and also one of the most discussed. Many photographers feel that really good B&W images can only be captured using film. They argue that removing the color from a digital image is not the same. Others say that the result is the same.¬†While, I’m not sure that the topic will ever be resolved, the fact is digital photography offers a choice.

To help illustrate how digital photography can be altered, I’ve taken one of my images and sliced it into three panels; ¬†Color, B&W and Desaturated. With this side-by-side comparison, you can see how the same image can be presented in a number of ways. I really can’t see a huge difference between B&W and Desaturated, but chose B&W when I printed this image.