Social Anthropology; Southern Memories

DSC_3414Travel pictures should tell a story, depict something unique about a location or evoke a memory. Sometimes, pictures of very ordinary subjects will tell more than images of traditional themes.

I happened across this location quite by accident and it immediately evoked memories of my childhood in rural North Carolina. In the south, outside laundromats were not uncommon. ┬áMany people did not have an automatic washer at home; those that did often didn’t have a dryer. I guess the fact that they were left open to the elements was a reflection of the local climate. Winters were fairly mild and summers could be uncomfortably hot, thus the need for good ventilation in the absence of air conditioning. While my family was lucky enough to have both a washer and dryer at home, the sight of an outside laundromat still reminds me of home.

Capturing a Little Local Color in Ybor City

Ybor City MuralPhotographing local artwork is a great way to capture the essence of a city or specific area. This image shows a close-up section of a mural along 7th Avenue in historic Ybor City, Florida. I love the vibrant colors and how the iconography in the painting depicts many cultural aspects of the area.

When you’re looking for interesting subject matter for your travel images, don’t overlook artwork that conveys something about the location.

Walking Around Ybor City

Like many major metropolitan areas, the historic Ybor City section of Tampa is pretty quiet in the early morning. You will find a few people arriving for work at one of the local handmade cigar factories, restaurant workers setting up for the day or those still cleaning up from the night before. It’s a great time to walk around the streets and check out some of the colorful sights of this Cuban-influenced area.

Travel Photography Classes Start in February

Since it looks as though we’ll have an early spring, I’ll be starting up my Travel Photography classes in February. These two-hour, walking classes will be offered in several scenic locations, such as downtown Dunedin, Clearwater Beach, Ybor city and downtown St. Pete. Check out the complete schedule of classes online and sign up today.